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Join our network of 5,000+ suppliers and source just about any item from east asia hassle-free!

Tailored Procurement Solutions

30+ years of experience streamlined.

Tailored Solutions

Exactly what you want.

Our senior merchandising expert will meet with you to understand your business in-depth to be able to serve you best and find the best product or supply chain solutions for your business.


Best pricing.

We will match you with the best supplier based on your product requirements, with enhanced sensitivity to pricing and quality. We consolidate quotes from our network of 500+ suppliers and pick out the most suited option for you to choose.


Get what you paid for.

Per each order confirmed you will receive a physical sample of your product, you can examine the quality, and make adjustments before confirming the sample for mass production.

Inspection & Certifications

Extra layer of protection.

Our team of inspectors will inspect the production line during manufacturing and examine the final product before packaging. Certificates required will be obtain at this stage (SGS, UL, CE, FDA etc..).

Delivery & Payment

98% On-time delivery rate.

The remaining 4% is caused by natural events. We organise all aspects of delivery from factory pick-up to warehousing, consolidation, and customs clearing. Shipment will be released once final payment is received.

Why use a vendor?

As your companion we can optimize your procurment process. Not only do source the best products for your brand we take care of all aspects from invoicing to post-order card giving you a truly hassle-free experience.

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    As your personal merchandiser, we aim to provide the best products, service and attention. Our team makes sourcing easy, through streamling tasks, logging your preferences, diminishing risks, and leave you at ease with  instant updates.

    Save money on R&D and create ODM products with product templates amongst 500+ suppliers or make your brand stand out and expand your product line with creating exclusive OEM products.

    Consolidation & Customs
    Get the best price as we compare between 20+ air and sea forwarders. Our team accumulated more than 35+ years of experience dealing with customs and forwarding.

    We provide our customers with an all-in-one tailored service experience. Our team will assist you in defining your requirements, research, supplier matching, source the right products, and integrate with your procurment operations.

    Product sourcing is a process of finding the right suppliers. We provide product sourcing through our network of 500+ suppliers, who can produce products at significantly lower cost with the same quality as you have come to expect from us. They are fully audited and certified by an independent body to conform with international standards and regulations.

    A Client Success Manager dedicated to you is the ultimate solution for post-order care and post-order checkups. They offer personalized services that imporvers per order, and provide you with streamlined reorders.

    Factory inspection ensures the safety of production facilities, production process and of course site safety are checked. Inspections are carried out independently of the organizations who run the factories. Our team makes sure the factories making your products are up to standards set out by your entity or internationally.

    Make adjustments before mass production and receive the exact product you paid for. The Inspection team performs in-depth quality assurance checks of all products during and post production. Our team has over 35+ years of experience in the manufacturing industry, and is here to help you get your product to market as quickly as possible.

    We ensure products meet regulations specified to each market you operate in. Some common certifications include ISO, UL, CE, SGS, and many more...

    We will never ask you to pay in full until the product is delivered. We assume as much risk as we can so you do not need to. Deposits begin at 50% for first-time orders and decreases as flow increases.

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Retailers, Wholesale & Importers

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Expand your store brand products today. Exclusive to you.

Having worked with At Home, Old Time Pottery, Morrisons and many more beloved brands for over 10 years we conduct our own market research on your industry, business, and competitors to offer your customers the best product. As your companion, we aim to maintain your competitive edge while reducing your workload.

Luxury Brands

Keep your fanbase on edge with unpredicatable and captivating premiums.

All businesses start small. Our flexible terms enables you to compete with large brands.

We can develope your ideas into reality; at the same time offer you our insights in upcoming lifestyle product trends.

SME Business Owners

For shops with less than 10 stores, SMEs, Corporate 'Gifters' and more...

Personalise your terms.

We attempt to assume most procurement risks on your behalf as we love to grow with businesses. More than 15% of our client base worked with us the year they were established. Not only do we find the most suitable product for your store and streamline the process, more importantly, we can accommodate terms of your choosing through Cost Engineering, Consolidation, Crediting and more...

E-Commerce & Personal Brands

Expand your fan-base with the quality of your merchandise.
Online Shops, Marketplace Sellers, Influencers etc...

'time to drop the e from e-commerce'

More and more modern B2B businesses are now leveraging technological progress to stay competitive and fulfill the demands of customers. A B2B eCommerce e-procurement site also called the “procure-to-pay” system,” is used by corporate consumers to place orders and ensure competitive pricing.
API Integrations with your inventory software for automated reorder! (coming soon)

Our Partners

Our product partners range from brands with a single store to MNCs operating over 300 stores. The industries we serve range from luxury brands to charities.

Johnnie's team are true experts in homeware and premiums sourcing. They are proactive, reliable, and most importantly saved me from alot of headache.

Andy Nielson


Tomco is a family business run be tentative veterans in the sourcing industry. We are very happy as product partners.

Gerard Cousins

Barnados / Mencap

We've been working with Tomco since the begining, now we operate 30 stores across the U.S. and expanded our network of suppliers to 500+ together. The team at knows exactly what we want.

Jason C

Old Time Pottery

Your traditional sourcing agent where reliability and client first atittude persisted throughout the years. We are happy to be working with Tomco as both companies expand and invest in the future through technology.

Sharon P

At Home
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